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Research expedition around Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands «The ring of fire» in summer 2019 on the sail and motor trimaran “Finval”.

DSC_0305.JPG1.JPG1.JPG5(You are invited to take part in the expedition!)

In Summer 2019 we will arrange a large scale expedition along the Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands coast «THE RING OF FIRE». It will be a unique expedition on the sail and motor trimaran to the land of majestic volcanoes, fumaroles, and hot springs; numerous big and small islands; unique, colorful and rich nature!

«Each day of the expedition will give you something new: the kaleidoscope of marvelous landscapes will be adorned with exciting and unexpected meetings with giant whales, or charming sea otters, terrible sea lions, or unpredictable bears. These surprise meetings will keep us in constant enthusiastic expectation of fresh impressions and personal discoveries!»

Participation in the expedition will utterly immerse you into the world of virgin nature and will let you become absorbed into the romance of the eventful everyday life of a natural scientist and explorer.

The long and extreme expedition is divided into 4 stages of different duration. You may take part in one as well as in several stages.

The expedition will have broad research program. The expedition will be interested to professionals of different specializations, as well as for photographers and wild nature lovers! 

Details here.