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OUR NEWS – "Finval" Research Centre

In September 2019 a volunteer camp on the Iturup Island successfully finished its work.

For 12 days 6 participants of the volunteer camp and employees of the “Finval” Research Centre worked in the area of the Vodopadnaya River on the Iturup Island preparing a plot for construction of a future biological station. The hot and sunny weather on the Island during the period of work helped rather than hindered; adding optimism to the difficult workdays. Probably that’s why a lot was done: access paths to the building site and the spring were completely prepared, a significant part of the site was cleared of bamboo, and stones for construction work were prepared. As an encouragement for the camp volunteers, the employees of the Centre arranged a marine mini-expedition on the trimaran “Finval” to the southern part of the island, where the volunteers could not only relax but to get a close acquaintance with the unique nature of the island.