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Оrganization expeditions for you

Russia is the largest country in the world. Considerable part of the country is underpopulated and at the same time is rich in natural landscapes of unique beauty and peculiarity. Enormous territories are absolutely unaffected by humans. Vast Siberia, marvelous Far East, impressive Arctic Region! These are regions of wild and virgin nature that is poorly studied and sometimes totally unexplored. These places attract extreme travellers and different researchers and scientists from all over the world! Expeditions to these regions are difficult to go on; the routes require much time to travel as well as hard and long-term training…

The “Finval” Research Centre possesses vast experience in arrangement and management of research and educational expeditions from relatively simple and short-term to the most complex and longest ones in all natural and climatic zones of Russia and some neighbor countries (Kazakhstan, Mongolia). Steppes and seas, deserts and mountains, rivers and forests…We will help you to arrange an expedition to any desired region of our vast country! You just need to contact us and discuss the details.