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Expedition route: Barnaul — Gorno-Altaisk— Kosh-Agatch village — “Tashanta” checkpoint —Tolbo Nuur Lake — Hovd— Altai village— Great Gobi Reserve — Shinejinst village — Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park — the Nemegt Basin Valley of the Dragons — Gurvan tes — Khongoryn Els sand dunes— Dalanzadgad — Mandalgovi — Ulaanbaatar (1st stage) — Mongol Els sand dunes — Kharkhorin — Orkhon River valley – Tsetserleg — Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur Lake — Khar Nuur Lake — Khyargas Nuur Lake — Ulaangom — Ureg Nuur Lake— Dund Nuur Lake — “Tashanta” checkpoint — Barnaul ( 2nd stage).

We travelled seven thousand kilometers in Mongolia! The first and the second stages of the expedition differed drastically from each other…

Expedition “Kurils autumn”

DSC_0887.JPG1The scientific and educational expedition “Kurils autumn” arranged from September 1 till September 20, 2017 has been successfully completed. The participants of the expedition sailed around the Paramushir Island (Northern Kuril Islands) on the catamaran ship. Marine mammals of the island were counted. Plenty of marine and terrestrial animals and birds made our route more exciting and interesting every day! Neither sudden debris flow over Severo-Kurilsk (for the first time in a post-war history), nor heavy ash explosions from Ebeko volcano, nor powerful typhoons could stop the expedition. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all Severo-Kurilsk citizens for hearty and warm welcome!

Research expedition to the Arctic Regions “Ecumene Edge”

DSC_0393финвалIn spite of all difficulties, the research expedition to the Arctic Regions “Ecumene Edge” has been completed successfully. From July 6 till August 16, 2017 the participants of the expedition sailed about 2700 km on the Kara Sea on a sail and motor trimaran “Finval”. We gathered large amount of data on distribution, numerosity, migration of many birds, marine and terrestrial mammals species. We collected herbaria, local mollusca samples. During the first stage of the expedition the participants enjoyed calm and sunny weather, while about half of the second stage it stormed severely. Two meetings with polar bears with two cubs (in each case) made the expedition more exciting. Beside coastal routes the expedition participants visited hard-to-reach islands: Vilkitsky Island, Shokalsky Island, Neupokoev Island, Sibiryakov Island, Oleniy Island and many others. The expedition program was fulfilled one hundred percent.