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HOW TO JOIN AN EXPEDITION – "Finval" Research Centre


Please, read carefully the information on the coming expedition you are interested in. If you have any questions or a strong intent to take part in the expedition – click active photo (of ermine). Please, fill in contact details and click “SEND”. We will get in touch with you. After a short discussion in case we reach a preliminary agreement on participation in the expedition – you will be offered to fill in a form. After completion of the form you will conclude a Contract with our organization. Within 10 days after conclusion of the Contract you are to make an advance contribution of approximately 30% of the arrangement fee for the participation in the expedition. The remaining amount is to be paid immediately before joining the expedition.

The arrangement fee usually covers:

– part of the transport costs (calculated for each participant) during the expedition (gasoline, spare parts);

– provision of some travelling outfit;

– three meals in the field daily;

– part of the costs on preparation and repairs of the transport means, travelling outfit and equipment;

– personal accident insurance for expedition participants.

The arrangement fee does not cover:

– transport costs to the place of joining the expedition and back;

– museums and national parks entrance fees;

– hotel accommodation costs;

– expenses on café and restaurant food;

– expenses on cigarettes and alcohol.

Number of participants of an expedition does not usually exceed 6-8 people, therefore after completing the expedition team we stop collecting applications!

Most of our expeditions are organized in the remote and underpopulated regions – therefore participants are required to have certain state of health. Requirements differ depending on the expedition and are determined by the physical complexity of the expedition.