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Ecological atlas of the Laptev Sea – "Finval" Research Centre

Ecological atlas of the Laptev Sea

Атлас 1In 2017 LLC “Arctic Scientific Centre” issued a unique ecological atlas “The Laptev Sea” that contained more than sixty our expedition photos (made by the “Finval” RC team). By the way, the photo on the cover page of the atlas – the picturesque Tsvetkov Cape of the Taymyr Peninsula – is also made by our team. It is no wonder that the authors of the atlas addressed us. Let us recall that the total length of our routes in the Laptev Sea for the 6 seasons of arctic expeditions constituted approximately 5000 km, and the assistant routes (to travel to the sea) constituted about 12000 km (the Lena River, The Yana River, the Khatanga River)! During the expeditions in the Laptev Sea we visited 22 big arctic islands and many small islands…As a result we explored more than 80% of the Laptev Sea coast and gathered broad scientific data (the volume of the collected data is probably the largest one on the Laptev Sea coast in the country at present).