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OUR NEWS – Page 6 – "Finval" Research Centre

Finval in the Laptev Sea

111Krasnoyarsk All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (Russia 1) produced and showed on the TV the “Finval in the Laptev Sea” film telling about our expedition in summer 2015 to the western part of the Laptev Sea. The film was made by the TV groupdirected by a well-known film director Sergey Gerasimov and was based on the shooting of the expedition participant and art photographer Michael Vershinin. The film is available here.

Expedition to the Western part of the Laptev Sea

общее-фото-1From July, 12 till August, 31, 2015 a research expedition to the Western part of the Laptev Sea took place. During the expedition we collected unique scientific materials, found a new seagull species for the first time in Russia, made notes on changes in geographic range of some birds and plants species, and we probably found a new shellfish species.

Finding poppy Czekanowski

чекановскогоDuring the research Lena-Taimyr expedition in 2014 we made photos of the rarest Chekanovsky poppy described on the basis of botanic collections.

Expedition travelled “Gobi Desert”

хангорын-элсFrom May, 12 till June, 3, 2015 an educational car expedition to Mongolia “Gobi” took place. The route length constituted 5580 km. Participants of the expedition travelled to the Russian Altai, Mongolian Altai, Gobian Altai and the Gobi Desert. During the expedition we made a series of interesting botanic and entomologic discoveries.